Even the greatest factory-applied stain protection treatments for a carpet will lose effectiveness over time and with continuous usage. By the time you’ve vacuumed your carpet 200 times, it’s lost a lot of its original protection.

HiCarpetCleaner ‘S expert stain protection treatment may help your carpet regain its stain resistance. This extends the life of your costly investment and maintains the atmosphere in your home or business clean, sanitary, and fashionable. Our award-winning stain prevention product may be used on upholstery and drapes as well as freshly cleaned carpets.

We place an invisible barrier over the carpet or other fabric’s surface using a simple procedure to get a highly effective solution. The anti-stain treatment is administered with a specialised spray that settles on top of the pile or fabric and takes action after a few hours. The anti-stain coating begins to operate once your carpets and linens are dry to the touch, preventing dirt from being embedded. Spills stay on top of the carpet rather than going through the pile, making them easier to remove.

The advantages of carpet stain prevention include:

It keeps dirt and stains from soaking into the carpet fibres.

It creates an impenetrable barrier that offers you a fighting chance in the event of spills and mishaps.

It improves the performance of previously treated carpets at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new carpet.

It safeguards your long-term investment in a lovely carpet.

It’s perfectly safe for both you and your dogs.

Contact HiCarpetCleaner today to learn more about the advantages of our carpet cleaning services and to schedule an appointment with one of our team. We ensure utmost satisfaction and to re-cleans the carpet upon your request to purify the carpet Taharah religiously.