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Hi Carpet Cleaner For Professional Rug Cleaning London

We remove stains, deodorize, and ensure your rugs is left clean and fresh.

Specialist Rug Cleaning London

We offer on-site cleaning as well as a convenient pick-up and return service. Let us help you protect your valuable assets today!

At Hi Carpet Cleaner, we specialise in cleaning and repairing antique, oriental, Persian, Chinese, Indian, and Native American rugs. 

Our team understands the unique qualities of these rugs and provides careful treatment to extend their life and beauty.

A freshly cleaned rug will have brighter, clearer colours and will be free of odours and stains.

  • Small Rug
    Small Rug

    Under two meters square. Tiny Terror, Big Mess Catcher? We Conquer stains on the Micro Level!

    from £25
  • Medium Rug
    Medium Rug

    Under three meters square. Pet Hair Party on Your Doormat? We Banish Furballs, Unleash Welcome Magic!

    from £30
  • Large Rug
    Large Rug

    Over three metres square. Spilled the Wine on Your Wine Rug? We’ll Make it Stain-Free, Not Sangria-Sea!

    from £40

Whether your rug has long-standing markings, pet odours, water or liquid spill damage, or wear and tear from foot traffic, we can help. 

Trust us to restore your rug to its former glory and bring out its full beauty. Rug Cleaning London




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